Competition Teaser: Seeking Australian Barista’s for a London Coffee Chain!

UK Café, Brickwood Coffee & Bread are seeking talented Barista’s from Australia!

Do you want to work like an Australian, live like a Londerner?

Jayke Mangion, the Australian born owner and founder of the Brickwood Coffee & Bread Café phenomenon has become a pioneer in third-wave of coffee cafes in London, with a flare of Melbourne-style café culture mixed in.

The three locations, Clapham Common, Balham & Tooting are all a popular spots brimming with customers, and perpetually packed in the mornings and weekends. You will learn why after you’ve sipped their specially blended aromatic coffee.

Brickwood Café & Coffee is what you’d expect from any Australian café, except – they are based in London. In 2017, the café is launching not only more cafes but to reflect the growth, they are aiming to encourage Australian Barista’s apply to win a job at one of the cafes in 2017.

Australia, and namely Melbourne has caught the interest across the globe with their coffee culture. Mangion’s vision for the Brickwood cafes was to develop a café culture in London that drew on the Australia and New Zealand style cafés. And the staff employed is an integral component of this development.

“The UK seems to have developed a strong the American chain mentality – fast food and a cookie cutter, number system approach to cafes. Having grown up in Melbourne, I understand the importance of developing cafes that reflect the local community and more bespoke, personable, full-service offering. Our café style is aimed at creating a community – where there is a chilled atmosphere, they can eat well and enjoy the perfectly articulated coffee”

Mangion, moved to the UK in 2009. He opened the first Brickwood cafe in Clapham Common  – a buzzing young up and coming area. In past 4 years, this hospitality king has not only launched not 2 more Brickwood cafes, but has launched a wine bar WC Wine & Charcuterie & Joe Public Pizzeria in Clapham and Powder Keg Diplomacy Restaurant & Bar in Battersea. All have a touch of Australian entrepreneurship that has become synonymous with Jayke’s businesses.

A trip to Brickwood Coffee & Bread, will satisfy the coffee snob in you The vision behind Mangion’s cafes was to offer an unpretentious rustic-looking neighbourhood-style café to ensure affordably priced and delicious Australian-inspired breakfasts & lunch items. The café style is not to be mistaken when you see Anzac biscuits, Lamingtons and Tim Tams in the cafes: this is much more than another Aussie cliché.  The all day menu comprises of the smashed avocado, corn fritters and a must-have smashed avocado and poached egg. The famous banana bread is also something not to be missed. Try for a seat outside on a nice day. The beans are supplied by Caravan Roasters and remain the star of the show.

The Work Like an Australian, work like a Londoner campaign promises one lucky winner who impresses the judges with their Barista skills – yet Mangion hopes that the campaign will bring to light the opportunities for Australians to work in the UK to further develop the Australian-style café culture in London.

Mangion’s idea of offering local Australian Barista’s the chance to submit their skills to win not only a paid job, but also free accommodation & airfares to the lucky winner. “We are looking for the obvious great Barista skills, but most importantly, we are seeking personalities! The whole engaging experience that is formed in many cafes around Australia is not widely mirrored in the UK, and we want to remain at the forefront of that changing culture in the UK.

The cafes that have been opened by Australian’s and New Zealanders are fast getting reputations in London, which Mangion knows is set to grow in popularity. “As commuting around London becomes more expensive and population grows, we see an emergence of local communities wanting experiences in their own locality. To nurture that, we feel that attracting Australian’s who are eligible to work in the UK, is a great way to showcase the culture behind good coffee and cafes in the UK”.

Written by Operation KK, 2016.  Competition being launched in 2017.


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