Tourism: Oyster Farm Tours

How to consume an Oyster – there is a right way and a wrong way.

So the basic rules to consuming these tasty suckers is to lift the oyster shell directly to your face, take a deep whiff of it, and then slurp it into your mouth. DON’T swallow it down in one go, like a little kid choking down the last bite of dinner so he can have dessert; give it a couple of committed, unhurried chews, and pay attention to the flavour.

Sweet, salty –  ineffably oystery; it tastes like the precise place of its origin, and urgently fresh and exciting and utterly distinct. It is the raw stuff of joy, an unembellished and unmodified THING THAT IS GOOD. You I know are liking things that are good, and having somebody else do the shucking next time will be good, too. It’s all good really.

Source:, published 30th March, 2016


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