Tourism: Oyster Farm Tours

To Raw or Not to Raw?

Raw Oysters may not be everyone’s cup of tea as they say – yes they seem to be grayish, wet, cold and somewhat jelly like. So, yes, the initial unattractiveness of a raw oyster, both superficially and as a filter-feeding, shell-encased, concept, may be a hurdle to get over.

Here’s the thing. Raw, fresh oysters are amazing. An oyster, in its fresh and raw form, reflects with gem-grade clarity the place where it grew, some far-flung place that—because the oyster was just harvested and just now cranked open, with water from that place still in its shell and body—you are able to experience more or less exactly as it is right now.

This is a pleasingly simple and elegant notion that would mean nothing at all if not for the additional, and certainly more important, fact that fresh, raw oysters, from places where the water is cold and the conditions are favourable for oyster growth and feeding, taste goddamn wonderful and are a genuine pleasure  to eat. This part, though, you will have to find out for yourself.

The first thing to do, of course, is to select and acquire oysters (oh, we happen to run tours that give you this experience – handy)

The Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters has no rival in our opinion – they are the sweetest and most delectable Oysters you can get (hence why we harvest them), and are the one’s that win over the Oyster newbie.

The Oyster Farm Tours are designed to give you the most virgin of experience – the Oyster is alive just before you shuck and eat it. You will discover how firmly closed their shells are, which explains why there is an art to shucking!

So the rule is – the more recently they were harvested, the better they’ll taste. So go on, if you haven’t done an Oyster Natural style, fresh from the water, it’s time to head to Coffin Bay and get an experience you’ll never forget.

And our belief, your raw oysters require nothing in order to be a perfect foodstuff – however pairing them with booze is fun. Cold beer or Champagne is nice — so is straight, very cold vodka as a palate cleanser between oysters. Luckily, 1802 Oyster Bar is where the tour ends.

We make life easy for you.


Source: Oyster Farm Tours, published 30th March, 2016


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