Publicity: A breakup letter to Sports Bras

Dear Sports-bras,

I have appreciated all of your support while I exercise, but sometimes you can be a real (literal) pain. And I think I talk on behalf of all women out there. For women of all shapes and cup sizes and body types trying to get some exercise in; YOU, sports bra, your struggle is too real.

I’ve always had the constant battle between controlling the bounce and making sports bras comfortable and not having to deal with irritating skin rash post my workout.

Maybe call me un-traditional. Traditional sports-bras, I have to be honest with you – you seem to squash the breasts tightly against the body, and that makes it hard to breathe, let alone makes one feel restricted. Plus, you add discomfort to discomfort and also lead to moisture trapping under the bra, hence against the boobies, which cause a lot of women irritating rashes.

Quoting some research I’ve read, that breast discomfort is a leading reason women stop participating in sports. How is that helping women? I am an advocate of just Pressing Playing and Moving – that’s all one’s got to do to get up and start feeling great, but it also helps that the gear we wear helps us feel like participating as well!

For years I was looking for something very specific in a sports bra: something that fits comfortably without chafing, provides adequate support, and dries quickly.  And for most ladies, we need to find something that reduces that dreaded ‘ back fat bulge’! For me, exercise was excrutiating, and I exercise everyday, so I had to push through the pain – barrier – the ‘ no pain, no gain’ mantra, is not by any means meant to refer to the sports-bra!

So, Traditional Sports-bra, I decided to take things into my own hands. So yes, this is a break-up. I have felt too constricted for too long, so I decided to design myself out of breast jail and break free from your restrictions and making me feel irritated!

Traditional Sports-bra, I’d like to introduce you to the modern you, I think you deserve an explanation to why I cannot wear you anymore. Meet: StaeFit. I travelled the globe to find exactly what would help me & other women to free ourselves from your “boobie-schmushing” dictatorship.

And here’s how StaeFit, the new model of you has become the better you:

  • The front zip, front-clasp in-built bra, releases your girls from boob prison, feeling supported and safe from the dreaded bounce
  • The fast-fastening bra does not require vigilance when trying to get it over your head.
  • The whole bra thing has been ridiculous – of course we’ve mastered doing the bra up from the back, and over our head, but why not from the front? I say, do it from the front. I say, break tradition!
  • The underwire – it’s a nasty little thing – I think it actually tries to murder you. StaeFit has no underwire, there’s no prodding and poking, just a smooth bit of material that keeps you in the top. This bra top does not need an under-wire, no matter how big your boobies.
  • To reduce the grit and fortitude when trying to remove a sweaty sports bra…we were not all born contortionists.
  • Realising the reality – can’t live with a sports-bra, can’t live without a sports-bra. So let’s get the relationship right – work together, to maintain a harmonious relationship – and everyone benefits and is happy (this is what we all strive for yes?). You see, I’ve killed two birds with one stone here. One top, one purpose. Harmony while working out.

Basically, what I’m saying is- traditional sports bra, this is a break-up, and I am encouraging all women to do the same. We say no more restrictions or squashing our boobies.

Repeat after me – StaeFit, StaeHappy, StaeProtected, StaeHealthy.

And that’s why I did this. We’ll be better off without each other, and I know I’m happier, healthier and my boobies & skin are thanking me.

Written by operation KK, used as Press Release and lifestyle piece in London for the fitness brand, StaeFit, 2016


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