Fitness Apparel Blog: Dear Gym Fashion Designers

Dear Gym Fashion designers,

As you know, I have designed my own range of gym wear. I saw a hole in the market. No one provided me with a solution to my skin rashes post workout, or my boobs being schmushed into a bra. Have you all got a manual that is still in draft format?

You may have had years of experience, but these are a few things I’ve learnt along the way, and no, I have not consulted any manual.

  1. I haven’t foregone fashion for being practical. I made sure that I didn‘t have to call in help and get my pants extracted from my butt after a session.
  2. White pants – NO! Just no! Dark colors to hide the sweat are the way to go (sweat always gathers in the crevices of our bodies – you know what I mean!). If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s not by giving women outfits that show everything!
  3. Sports Bras – why, why, why do you design them so we have to contort our body post workout to get the damn things off? Why do you think that is normal?
  4. Use fit women, not fit models to measure up sizes. Fit women often have larger calves, larger arms (and this helps those who want to shed some kilos too)
  5. Boobs – respect is the key. Boobies also come in all shapes and sizes (and vary over the month), so the ‘ one size’ fits all simply does not work. Use bra technology and make it easy to get into. Front-fastening bra – get it?
  6. Design the clothes so they are actually comfortable to work out in. Don’t design tops that move during a workout – no one likes a surprise tummy pop through the top while lifting, stretching and bending. Longer tops are the way to go.
  7. Inspire women – clothing does that. They want to be a better version of themselves, not to be someone else entirely. Keep that in mind when designing.
  8. Flatter us. Don’t let body parts pop out or be unwittingly enhanced. Use fabrics that complement a workout, so it’s not a chore.

What I want is what most women want. We want to flaunt our best assets, while feeling a surprise pop tucked in to make sure we look AND feel great. I guess that’s why StaeFit is leading the way – as it’s designed by a woman, FOR women.

Written by Operation KK, Published for StaeFit, London, 2016 


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