Artist/ Designer Blogs: “Me too” furniture is so yesterday, go original & creative!

Functional furniture does not have a  “me too” approach.  The trend has been borne out of a need for individuality, clients are seeking bringing a bit more personality & lifestyle into homes & workplaces.

The artists at Zest are in fact designers, they have the knowledge and expertise to create which gives you an unparalleled opportunity to create bespoke items and collections. Their work embodies interesting themes and forms, while serving their functions masterfully.   Whether or not you are looking at  light, bright and playful, gothic, historic, or just plain quirky, it’s all about your individual taste and requirement.
Perhaps you want to add a difference to your flooring – maybe a 3D or mural application is the difference you’re looking for?

Creating furniture is an investment,  it holds far greater value as a piece than a mass produced piece – it will embody your home or business, to reflect exactly your personality, decor and taste.

Written by operation KK for Zest Events International, 2015.


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